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Li Laurent

"lee LOHR-awnt"


I'm Li Laurent, and in terms of what you want to know, it's fairly variable after education, values, approach & pricing (never be too shy to talk about money). As we know, working on your self  is largely about finding the right person to work with you, & there's nothing worse than finding out who that person is half way through a session you've paid to be in - especially if they're not ticking all the boxes you needed ticking. So as much as we can, we're here to provide the ins and outs of who we are, so you can make an informed decision about how you move forward. 

a bit about me

I'm a little unusual as a therapist in that I quite obviously lead a life outside the psychological arena & I don't make a point of pretending otherwise. In the world's briefest biography, I'm an English native living in Australia, working online with clients from all over the world - whilst I continue to work internationally as a singer songwriter. Now I am aware that the duality of these two spaces is almost nearly entirely unheard of, and therapists tend to seemingly only exist in therapy. But my job is to help you feel better, live your best life, & be your fullest self, so at the very least I should be an example of what that looks like.

education & training 

  • BSc Psychology First Class Honours | Deans Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement 

  • Masters Mental Health Social Work Distinction

      Specialising in systemic practice with military veterans & their families. 

  • Current Doctoral Student of Psychology & Psychotherapy

professional registrations

  • Social Work England

  • AASW

  • British Psychological Society


I've trained in prestigious programs across Australia, England & America to gain professional qualifications from some of the most exceptional professionals in the field to date. I work with 18+, couples, & have extensive experience with military veterans, having mobilised the first social work sector for veterans with complex trauma in the UK. I work very hard because I love what I do, so I'm constantly learning and stay at the forefront of ground breaking intervention. Therapy is an evolving animal and your treatment should be the best you can possibly access (that also doesn't financially ruin you). 


specialist focus

What: Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Self Worth / Esteem, Confidence, Self Acceptance, Authenticity 

Who: Adults 18+, Couples, Military Veterans

interventions & modalities 

Power Threat Meaning Framework (basically less medical model, & more "this makes sense because of this"). 

Anything with science & the data to prove it - no fluff. If you can't prove it works, I won't work with it.

Things I think are particularly effective are: CBT, DBT, EMDR, CPT, NLP, Positive Psychology, Neuroscience / Neurobiology, bibliotherapy, & self help in all the ways it's possible to access it. 

why I do, & love my job 

Fundamentally we're all people, we all experience the same range of emotions, the same doubts, similar fears, the same "is this too much eye contact or not enough?" moments. Being a human means you share the experience of the humanity that comes with it, it just so happened that I was exceptionally good at being able to understand all of that, and then have advice that made sense, & was actually quite useful. So I used all of that to form a career choice, which meant I could strengthen the things I already knew and was pretty good at, & work on all the things I wasn't. For clients, a therapist / coach is like having a very skilled person in your support network, who's reliably honest, & accepting of you unconditionally... but also you pay them - & because of that specific transactional dynamic, I think the thing that comes with it, is sometimes people feel that they're only being accepted because you've been paid to do so (which becomes a circular nightmare when you're trying to actually provide genuine validation). I actually do my job because I deeply know, & fundamentally understand what it means to be a person (again, because I am a person myself, I'm experientially quite qualified), and I think there is value to positively contributing to the alleviation of the suffering that can come with that. I like being the best version of myself, and I really like seeing it in others, so I do this, that other thing, and lots of "thats" in between, whilst I try to motivate other people to believe that they can do and be all the "things" too. 

If you want an direct authentic, eclectic therapist who can make therapy actually feel therapeutic

- you've found her.

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