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Company by Laurent is comprised of 4 branches which focus on bringing humanity, authenticity, confidence and connection to the fore of our work in self development. From small beginnings in the therapy sector, with an emphasis on "being all the things" but most importantly, being yourself, this quickly expanded into community, education and creative projects, which now serve to bridge the sterile gap between personal and professional worlds and encourage fundamental change through the premise of self-acceptance and self-actualisation.

"I didn't like that in one field I was Li Laurent, the Music Artist,
and in another, I was Li Laurent the Therapist - when in my world, I'm both ...& more."

- Li Laurent, CEO

We know self-development is a multifaceted concept that needs a swiss army knife-like tool to be tackling it with any measure of success, so what we do here in our little corner of the world, is consider how we can translate what we value - what we know works - into relatable, empowering, and truly life changing action. That looks like providing  psycho-education that doesn't make you hate learning, therapy that makes you feel seen, therapists that make you feel "normal", and projects & events that inspire you to be you.


therapy & coaching online with expert practitioners - making conversations feel incredibly casual, comfortable, direct & compassionate, without any loss of the education, knowledge & formal skillset you want from them.


a partnered branch of Company by Laurent; providing workshops, media, events and more, that promote the normalisation of therapy & coaching, and provide a innovative & collaborative approach to self development.


education, education, education. Bringing you the information you need, exactly as you need it. Love the gains of research but hate the pretension of it? Same. Relatable Company work on providing resources and information that's as palatable as it is interesting.

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aligning the creative worlds of performers - singers, songwriters, musicians, dancers, actors, comedians - all those in the arts, with the world of therapy & coaching. This is our pride & joy - our charitable arm, which focuses on providing funding to access therapy, career coaching, resources & more, to an otherwise underfunded, underserved, but in high demand community.

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